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Reliable Legal Guidance Through Estate Planning And Probate

A properly drafted and updated estate plan can save your family and business partners time and money and provide them peace of mind. An estate planning attorney’s highly personalized and knowledgeable assistance becomes vital in achieving this goal.

I am attorney Dave Terrell. For over three decades, I have helped individuals, entrepreneurs and other business owners in Oklahoma develop sophisticated estate planning tools to protect and preserve their assets. One of my goals at Terrell Law Firm is to assist you in making decisions that will benefit your loved ones and facilitate decision-making among your business’ interested parties. I also advise individuals in end-of-life planning matters.

Customized Estate Planning Strategies To Meet Your Needs And Expectations

Estate planning refers to a set of activities and documents an individual prepares to inherit or transfer property and wealth. It also includes instructions about who will manage your finances, businesses, assets and health should you be unable to do so.

According to your needs, current circumstances and expectations, I will explain which documents and legal tools can help you achieve your goals. Some of these legal tools include:

  • A will – This document is essential to pass on your property, appoint guardians for your minor children and leave instructions to pay your debts and taxes. It needs to go through probate.
  • A trust – This is an invaluable document to help you obtain tax benefits, transfer property to your loved ones at specific times and avoid probate, among other advantages.
  • A durable power of attorney (POA) – This is a legal tool that will allow you to appoint someone to make decisions on specific areas of your life, such as your health, finances or business, in case of your incapacitation.

The above list is a quick overview of the characteristics and benefits each could provide to your estate plan. I am ready to help you explore your options and draft your documents to avoid misunderstandings or potential legal issues.

Experienced Guidance Through The Probate Process

Probate is a court procedure required to validate your will and authorize the executor you name or to divide property if an individual dies without a will. As a probate lawyer, I assist beneficiaries and executors throughout the entire process to settle an estate.

I help executors identify and pay debts, fill out documents as required by the court, assist them through the assets appraisal process and complete other duties. I also represent executors and beneficiaries in estate planning litigation, including the challenging of a will.

Learn Your Options Today And Protect Your Interests

Make decisions today and protect your loved ones and business. Call my Edmond office at 405-857-6273 or contact me through this secure online form to schedule your free consultation. I serve clients through Oklahoma City.