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What My Clients Say

“I had some serious business problems. Dave Terrell provided expert advice that helped solve the issues. As far as I am concerned, he is a rock star.”  – Cindy K.

“I needed help with planning for my estate and I consulted Dave Terrell. He listened to my situation and answered all my questions in plain, easy to understand conversations. He guided me through the development of a Revocable Trust along with other legal papers I needed.” – Rita H.

“I have had 4 or 5 different problems about probate, a trust and property and have used Dave Terrell. He has taken the time too lesson and give very good advice to what we should due and all have been handled very well. I would recommend Mr. Terrell to anybody who need a good lawyer.”  – Woodrow H.

“I was a practicing attorney for fifty years. During that time I referred numerous clients to David Terrell because their cases needed someone outside of my field as in certain personal injury cases. I always trusted that he would do the very best for them and I was never disappointed.

“I am now retired and David Terrell is my personal attorney and advisor. I can’t think of a better recommendation than for an attorney to choose another attorney for his personal needs.”  – Richard H.

“My Dad died and I hired Dave Terrell to handle the probate. A non-relative tried to interfere with my Dad’s estate. Mr. Terrell handled the situation and completed the probate. I would recommend his to anyone who needs a lawyer.” – Matt G.